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Jesus Christ will meet you right where you’re at. I love that saying because it is so true.

Jesus Christ first reveals Himself to the woman at the well, the Samaritan woman, the woman with five husbands or perhaps no husband at all. He does not wait for her to get her life together. She’s a hot mess.

Mary Magdalene is thought to have had a bunch of demons attached to her when she meets Christ. Peter is a rough and tumble fisherman, not quite convinced He wishes to even join in. Saul, Paul is out murdering and torturing Christians when he has his road to Damascus moment. The bible is plumb full of people who Christ met right where they were at, and where they were at was not always in a  good place.

The whole concept makes me laugh because I so understand the urge we people sometimes have to get it all together and then go meet the King of Kings. Sometimes it takes some actual living to realize we aren’t ever going to get it all together. Outside of Him we’re always going to be a hot mess. Within Him things can get significantly better, but perfection just isn’t happening. It’s a journey and perhaps much of the journey is about learning how much we truly need Salvation.

It makes me laugh because I too have that whole somewhat irrational idea in my head that I can hide from God, that He is way over there not looking at me at this particular moment, so I have time to get it all together before He sees me. As if He is not omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. So, kind of a bummer, but He already knows. He’s already seen me at my worse. There really is no place to hide. He’s seen everything for thousands of years, the worst of people and the best of people. How miraculous it is that He still loves us, that He is so steadfast and patient.

That desire to hide, that urge to get it all together before you seek God, that is actually reverence, that is a recognition that He is God and we are not, that we all fall so sort. Don’t wait until you get it all together before you reach out for Him, because He already knows, he’s already seen you, and He really does meet you right where you’re at. He came to set the captives free, to ensure our Salvation, but he also came to make us better versions of ourselves, to give us life and life abundant.