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I am not a white nationalist. You may wonder what would have brought on such a declaration, or if you have been reading me for a while, you may have simply grown used to my uncanny ability to flit from one unrelated subject to the next. Bear with me here, but it really is all connected, intricately woven together.

I suppose I am a “white people” or rather a latte colored one. My Father was off the boat from Italy and my mother is Indian and Irish. My family didn’t know whether they were fleeing communism, escaping the Rez, or drinking heavily to blight out the potato famine. We are an odd collection of “poor white trash” and the rigidity of the old country. Long line of Catholics on both sides of the family, but they all lost their faith, every last one of them.

I’ve given a great deal of thought about what it means to be a “white people” and all in good humor here, but I doubt they’d let me in their “tribe.” It’s all good, because how does “white” even begin to tell the tale of what it truly means to be a latte colored American? “White” reminds me of Minute Rice, the kind you put in the microwave, something lacking nutrients, all it’s depth extruded from this freeze dried package. I think that label is too small to hold the history of who and what we are and where we came from.

So politics, especially the rise of the Alt-Right and internet culture. The Alt Right can have a very heavy white “Christian” nationalistic flavor to it. I put “Christian” in quotes because my personal feelings on the matter are that phrase is a complete oxymoron. “White, Christian, and nationalist” are 3 separate identities, all in conflict with one another.

Especially oxy-moronic if your “white Christian nationalist” is a hispanic/Native American guy who doesn’t believe in the Trinity and actually lives in Europe. That would be Vox Day who recently  wrote a piece called, The Alt Right is not Freddy Krueger.

Sorry, but I’m afraid the Alt-Right really is Freddy Krueger and whenever you are confronted by some dark, ugly, demon-like Hollywood invention, the only proper response is to metaphorically hit it upside the head with a shovel and set it on fire. The Alt Right needs to circle the drain of stupidity and be flushed away with other foolish things.

Or at least that is true of the part of the Alt-Right that is founded on hatred and hostility.

My official stand on racism, including rabid anti-Semitism, is that it is blasphemous. We are all created in God’s image and He says we were worth dying for. So for someone to come along and dehumanize certain groups of people, is blasphemous, it is contradicting God’s word. None of this mediated reality racism either, none of this pseudo, suddenly “everything is racist” nonsense either. That is not what I am talking about. I read the Alt right, there is a whole lot of flat-out hatred for people, dehumanization that leaves nothing to the imagination. Outright blasphemy.

America is not a white nationalist country, either. We are a melting pot or a salad bowl or soup or what ever analogy you wish to use, but that is what we are. Out of many, one. E Pluribus Unum, our national motto.

There’s another motto that often rests right below E Pluribus Unum,  Annuit Coeptis, which basically means, “He approves.” Or as the song goes, God shed His grace on thee…

But the real reason I am not a white nationalist, nor will I ever tolerate such nonsense, is much simpler and has to do with tacos. Tacos once made with diced up fried bologna, tomatillos, and Thai rice. That’s America, that is the flavor of who and what we are. It’s written all over the foods we eat and the ingenuity of those on the bottom coming together to share with one another.

Freddy Krueger himself couldn’t take that away, nor could he ever erase the memory of those tacos and the 3 girls who once got together to make them so long ago, each of us bringing what we had. That’s the  America I know, one built on fried bologna tacos and people dreaming of a better life.