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Someone has offered to send me a Prophetic Word and a Divine Revelation every single day, all 365 of them, for only 19.95.  I shall not link to this bit of spam, but I found it humorous because my first response was pure panic, as in sheer terror. Oh dear Lord, no, no, I really do not want a Prophetic Word and a Divine Revelation, and certainly not every day because I’d be lucky if I survived the first 12 hours…

I realize there can be an issue with definitions here, some people will speak of a “Prophetic Word” and then proceed to read you a bible quote, and a “Divine Revelation” can simply mean, here is what God has said in His word. That’s all very gentle, easily processed, like warm milk with a touch of honey in it.

And than there are what I call, the close encounters of the God kind. The Divine Revelations that pretty much just rent the entire fabric of your universe and leave you stumbling around on the road to Damascus, blind and talking to yourself. Ravished and ruined, as in I have no idea what just happened, but I shall never be the same again. In fact, I’m not even sure who “I am” anymore. “I Am,” now means something entirely different to me and woah, is fear of God a real thing or what?

There’s a reason why the prophets of old were often perceived to be half mad. Talking to God can be a bit like flying too close the sun. Tends to leave you walking around muttering incoherently, God, look people, God is real. People just tend to look at you as if you were somewhat insane walking around pointing at the air…

Warm milk with a touch of honey in it, God is not, not by any stretch of the imagination, although I must say He is surprisingly gentle with us, courteous, a true gentleman. Respectful of us, as in He would never give us a Prophetic Word, a Divine Revelation, or a close encounter of the God-kind, every single day. That would actually crush us, leave us scattered about like road kill.

Well, I suppose God really is a bit like warm milk with a touch of honey sometimes, but He is also strong meat, something one is unlikely to ever forget if one has ever actually had a close encounter of the God-kind. Let me tell you, if you ever had, it would give you serious pause and make you quite hesitant about even considering the idea of selling a “Prophetic Word” for a couple of easy payments of 19.95.

Intellectual property rights I believe, God owns the copyright there and may not take kindly to having others speak for Him in such a way.

Just saying.