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So the Red Pills seem to now be launching a full-blown attack on Christianity itself, declaring faith to be a “beta farm” that de-masculinizes men. Like I didn’t see this coming half a dozen times. I should be angry or prepared to launch some kind of come back or something, but I just feel sad. Heartbroken for all the men who believe such lies, depressed about the social engineering going on here, saddened for those who are lost and confused and will read these blogs and flee from God, rather than running towards him.

So, out of courtesy I have to link to Tomassi, affectionately known as the Irrational Male, who writes  Losing My Religion.  Vox Day, never one to miss an opportunity to drive people away from faith, joins in the fray, Churchianity and the Feminized Church.

Ah teh stoopid, it is strong in these two. Someone once quipped, who needs the enemy when you have Christians themselves forever attacking you? Ah, truer words were never spoken from the gallows themselves.

Here’s the deal, “we are the church.” The church is not a building, it is us and we are accountable for it. Faith is not an institution, it is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The church, the Body of Christ is made up of many parts, composed of people who are following Christ. Jesus Christ is where our eyes are to be, He is where our faith is to be placed. He is steadfast, the same today as yesterday. One cannot actually lose their faith if ones eyes are on Him, because He isn’t going anywhere. It is not Him that gets lost, it is us.

Everyday is an opportunity to write a story for the world to see. In some ways we get to write our own stories, our own narratives, for ourselves and for others. We should make it a good one, one aligned with His will. Something I am certain of, we will all be held accountable for the stories we do write, for every word we speak, for the impact it has on others. That’s a scary thought if you are someone full of words, but I am certain of it, we will all answer for the things we do and say.

Vox Day, Tomassi, Dalrock, are all very popular, they have a huge platform that would enable them to share the faith, to spread the good news, to actually bring men towards healing, towards Christ, and yet they don’t, they miss opportunity after opportunity and choose instead to worship at the foot of their red pill ideology.

I am nobody, a tiny little blog, but one thing I am certain of, one thing I can tell you with absolute conviction, Jesus Christ is the one who actually builds men, the real kind of men, the authentic kind, the ones willing to be remade into the image of their Creator, to become better versions of themselves. Accept no other substitutes because there are none. There are only foolish and broken men who claim His name and yet worship everything but Him.

It’s good to lose your “religion,” if your “religion” is built on nothing more than shifting sand.

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