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In case anybody wonders, I am obviously a day late and a dollar short here. It is now Tuesday and I am finally ready to process Friday. I feel like one of those people who injures themselves on a treadmill or a stationary bike. I’m going as fast as I can, getting nowhere, and I still can’t keep up. Story of my life.

TGIF also stands for “This Grandma is Fabulous,” something my grandkids gave me. Aren’t they the best grandkids ever? They also call me a Glam-ma, as in a totally glamorous Grandma. Triple word score win there! Am I blessed or what?

So why am I still processing Friday, the residue of my weekend still leaving me a bit bedazzled and confused? The honor and kindness of men, mostly. My car gave up the ghost, so I’ve had to string along a series of rides and bus trips, all things that make my job darn near impossible. Lots and lots of overwhelming challenges, but each step of the way there have been some guys popping up at just the right time to say, we’ll handle it. We’ll make it work.

My hubby is awesome of course, he has invested decades in saying “it’s okay, we’ll make it work.” We’ll just do the impossible here, no problem. He’s much braver about things like that than I am. Well, usually. Sometimes he needs a kick start, a bit of encouragement, but for the most part he really can do the impossible.

So now I have a new car, new to me anyway, and no new debt, not the financial kind anyway. I am indebted to the honor and kindness of men however, to all of those who came together and answered my call.

I am also grateful for the opportunity to just praise the Lord for the way He handles my life. So many things often fall apart and I haven’t got the eyes to see a way out. I am learning how to trust Him however, how to just praise the Lord for how He will handle things, even when I can’t see it, even when I don’t understand how it will all play out.

Hubby has actually taught me that just by being himself. If I can trust a human man to solve impossible problems, than surely I can trust God Himself to always be there to conduct the orchaestra.