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“Only a fool would fight for an illusion.” Amen! Let’s hear it for all the “fools” who have fought so hard for what some would term “an illusion.” Wild, crazy dreamers, fools for everything from romantic love to the Wild Frontier. What a sad world this would be without such fools, without those who believed in things they could not see and fought so hard to make them manifest in the world.

Idealism, creativity, faith, “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  As it says in the bible, “For we walk by faith, not by sight.” The world is full of illusions, but not all illusions are bad, not all illusions are deceptions. Many illusions are dreams, idealism, hope made manifest in the world. And dreams do indeed have away of coming true, not always quite like we imagined, not always quite like we wanted, but without the fools who dare to fight for such illusions, where would we all be?

“Reality” can really be a subjective thing. Before man went to the moon, that idea belonged in the realm of foolishness, of illusion and dreams. Some people today still believe it is and the moon landing never happened, in which case we can pick something else. Indoor plumbing, for example, an undeniable reality in the modern world, but really just the manifestation of someone’s illusion.

We are all creators, made in the image of our Creator. Creators create, we go forth and slay dragons, we create and conquer. In a feminine sense, I sometimes reduce this concept to a simple quip, “What do girls do? We make the ugly things pretty.” We do, we take a “house” and make it a “home.” Then we crochet cozies and plant gardens and drape cloth over things, always striving to create some beauty around the harsh edges of our lives. That’s a real skill, an art form, and some women are very talented. They can take what was once bitter and make it sweet. Then they can make tea and hand you a whole plate of lemon bars.

For men, I love that word man-i-fest. It reminds me of a festival of men out innovating, creating, conquering. All in good fun here, but “making the ugly things pretty” is not always their first and primary focus, but there are some beautiful works of art, tradesmen, music, poetry, so men often do make the ugly things pretty, just in a different way.

Man-i-fest, as in, “make it so.”

My husband of course, is not actually Batman, that is  an illusion, a bit of subjective reality on my part. I am well aware that he is just an ordinary man, very human, but I am still a fool for love and I refuse to let go of my illusions. I’ve fought long and hard for them.

I’m so proud of him today, in the midst of struggles, strife, hardship, he simply sighed, got up and went out and did something nice for someone else. He handed them his prized possession, a gift wrapped in dreams, memories, and idealism.

When the going gets tough, the tough know it is time to go out and bless others with some unmerited favor. That’s what heroes do and I  managed to marry mine.