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According to CNN, Hillary now plans to link Trump to the alt-right. I really wish she would have consulted with me first, because I’ve been studying and writing about the alt-right for four years now. Don’t you just love it when the mainstream media and politicians plagiarise a blogger’s hard work, get the story all wrong anyway, and then run with it a few years too late?

Sigh. Typical.

I also wish the alt-right would have listened to my oh so gentle words of wisdom a few years back when I was trying so desperately to show them something. Not the entire “alt right” of course, just about half a dozen of them who I thought just might be smart enough to listen to me. That’s rather comical because as anyone who has ever dealt with them knows they are usually all about embracing reckless male aggression, shutting off their brain cells, and chanting relentlessly about white nationalism.

If you want a feel for the alt right,  Milo Yiannopoulos, the loud, outspoken, Twitter banned, British gay conservative Trump supporter…has distanced himself from the alt-right. Yeah, he might be a shock jock, a court jester, but he wants it known to everyone, hey, those people are not really a  part of my tribe, okay?

So, Hillary Clinton who has based her entire political career on pandering to people’s fear of the vast right-wing conspiracy, has just found her treasure trove of ….vast right wing conservative boogeymen.  A den of Orcs, as I call them. A bunch of Live Action Role Playing, political LARP-ists who have allowed themselves to be maneuvered into position by some rather clever social engineering.

A den of seriously foolish Orcs.

These political people need to start paying me. At this point I’m not even concerned about which side puts me on the payroll, I am just totally for sale to the highest bidder.  You’re welcome.

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