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Sometimes I think perhaps we are. Discernment and common sense seem to be going right out the window. A friend of mine says, “no, you’re just getting older.” Hmm, perhaps. Soon I’ll probably be telling all the stupid people to  just  get off my lawn.

Something else I notice however, a real hunger within the culture for the spiritual, the supernatural, even when that hunger is pointed in the wrong direction. A whole lot of people in my neck of the woods are looking to the stars, looking for signs, seeking meaning.

I was so annoyed with my store for putting out pumpkins and ghosts already, I mean Halloween in August? Give me a break! It’s August! Anyway as if to rub it in farther, this little meme has been floating through my facebook feed.

I wish to dismantle this foolishness mostly becasue some people seem to be taking it seriously. It’s a joke people, a joke. To begin with, the full moon occurs on October 16th this year, so scratch that. Second, Halloween can never come on a Friday the 13th since Halloween is always on October 31. October 31 this year will be a Monday. And lastly, Halloween is pretty much an American creation, rooted in some Pagan holidays, but mostly a cultural creation of the last 100 years. So sorry, but no, Halloween did not fall on Friday the 13th 666 years ago either, becasue 666 years ago people were not nearly this foolish.