On of the favorite tactics of the enemy seems to be messing with your head. He just sows deception, plants lies, and creates chaos. I think it’s important to understand that the enemy can’t come in unless you allow him to. His power lies in making suggestions, sowing seeds of doubt, as in”Did God really say…?”

People will then take these lies and create strongholds around them, build a foundation and belief system based on faulty thinking. How do I know it’s faulty? Anything designed to keep you separate from your Creator is probably from the enemy. God is a God of redemption, reconciliation, and relationship. He once walked hand in hand with us in a garden, in the cool of the evenings. He died to know us, to bring us into right relationship with Him.

It’s been a frustrating week because those echoes of the enemy’s voice seem to be everywhere. He grows oddly redundant the older I get, boring, predictable, stupid. He is deceptive however, sneaky, seductive, and before you know it people have taken his words and run with them.

So in my world there are a couple lies from the enemy that people echo back to me quite often. One is the idea, “God hates me.” God does not hate you. God loves you and desires a relationship with you. John 3:17 says, “For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.” There truly is nothing God has not seen already, no sin too big, nothing one puny little human being can do to engender God’s hatred. We just aren’t that powerful and He is not that insecure. It is people who deal in the currency of hatred and rejection, not God.

The second lie goes something like this,” I knew a good man,a kind and virtuous man, and somebody told me he was going to hell because he didn’t accept Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior. I refuse to believe in a God that would send an innocent man to hell.” Sigh. While that may be  technically true in a theological sense, in a legalistic way, it is still a lie because it presents Salvation as if it were a bit of bureaucracy, a pile of red tape and if one has signed in the wrong color pen one is cast out forever. In truth we have no idea what is really in someone’s heart, or if Christ chooses to present Himself to them in that twilight between life and death. We just don’t know. The real lie being whispered however, is that you can’t trust God. That God might make mistakes. That God is not worthy to judge people. God is perfect and Holy. As much as we love people, God loves them even more. He doesn’t make mistakes.

The third lie is entwined with the first two, it implies that God is mean or evil, that He cannot be trusted, that God is just like that mean, judgmental Christian I once met. Or the lie that sometimes manifests itself by declaring “Christians killed Jews and went on the crusades and the Emperor  Constantine….I don’t want to be bad people like them.” Those are all lies, strongholds, deceptions, tricks designed to mess with your mind, to entwine themselves around your emotions and convince you that you are only being rational here.

They are all lies. He is called “the Father of all lies” for a reason. He seeks to separate you from the truth, the truth being that you are known and loved by God.