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“…if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well;” -Matthew 5:40

….And if someone takes your cloak, do not withhold your tunic as well.”-Luke 6:29

I have honestly been there, in a literal sense as in I gave my actual coat away and in the more metaphorical sense of having turned the other cheek when attacked. I have dropped the rope in a lawsuit and let someone win what they wanted. I understand those words well, I have lived those words. These are not vague, idealistic notions.

In each case, God lead me, so clearly, and it wasn’t easy either. When you are in the right, when justice is on your side, when you feel like a real schmuck, a doormat, surrendering all to someone who is clearly unworthy, it ain’t easy. It takes God Himself leading you and a great deal of surrendered pride.

As usual, accusations of hypocrisy always come up on the internet. I want to address that because I understand it, because the perception that, “Christians are hypocrites” is not always unfounded. “Christians” have nailed me a few times and wiped their feet on my proverbial doormat, so I get it.

It is not always hypocrisy however, that motivates people. Take me for example, I take Christ’s words to heart, but if someone jumped in my car and demanded my coat, it’s quite possible I’d just stick my fingers up their nostrils and pull out their eye balls. I am actually not a proverbial doormat.

Does that mean those words don’t matter, that we should just ignore them, that they are not the standard set before us? No. We stand fast in those words, no matter how much trouble we have living up to them.

Jesus Christ gives us wisdom, words to live by…..and than we all fall short at some point, all of us. That doesn’t make Christians hypocrites, it makes us human and it makes grace and Salvation all the more necessary. We are saved, not becasue of who we are, but becasue of who He is.

Fear of hypocrisy should never keep someone separate from God or from other believers. If you fear you are a hypocrite, it simply means you are worthy to join us. He came for the sinners, not the righteous.