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“Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.” Amen and thank God because the way we’re going the singularity could arrive at any moment. Actually, the machines are already running our world and it’s only a matter of time before they do so with Terminator efficiency.

I’m anxiously awaiting the One World System that links us all up, all our medical records, our DNA, our psych profiles, our finances. What could possibly go wrong there?? Nothing I’m sure, it will be just like free healthcare and lowered sea levels. A pony for all!

It’s not all bad, just think of the e-commerce and the economic potential. Considering robbing a bank? Just call Acme DNA Service for all your evidence needs. We’ll happily supply you with the best identity money can buy. Need to take out a political opponent? We have their internet records spanning the last 40 years. We know the secret desires of their hearts, their secret fears, where they live, how they spend their money. We can write you a personally tailored program that will send them fleeing into the wilderness in silence. We know what buttons to push.

I’m telling you, everyday I pray a prayer of gratitude for the inefficiency of government and the natural stupidity of human beings. If we were smart, we’d be downright dangerous.

boldly flee

****Repost from 2013