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I have to tell you, one thing that drives me nuts is this kind of harsh, judgmental, not very loving advice given to young wives and mothers. I speak of Lori Alexander at Always Learning. I don’t mean to sound unkind here, but every time I read one of these posts, a little piece of me dies inside.

So what would the Great Physician prescribe to cure that? Ha!  Don’t read the darn posts.

It is too late however, I have already done so, a post on how young women waste time on frivolous pursuits, when we should be dedicating ourselves 24/7 to our husbands, homes, and children. While her complaints about gossip are valid, her handling of women’s good mental health is not.

Just for the record, if I dedicated myself to my husband and children 24/7, they would all be completely insane. That just screams out to me, control, neurosis, obsession. Not only would my family be crazy, but I myself would be too. To have no other interests in life, no hobbies, no pursuits, nothing that distinguishes me beyond the role of wife and mother? A complete disaster and not exactly a healthy way to live your life.

Also, some of us must work outside of our homes to help our husbands put food on the table and pay the power bill. We are not rebellious, defiant, and selfish women. And if you haven’t got a husband, what do we suggest single moms do? Women often have to work  outside for a variety of reasons.

All in good humor here, but one reason I blog is to protect my husband from my endless need for words. While we talk a great deal, we do not talk 1500 posts every few months about all the things going on in the world that concern me. That would be cruel and unusual punishment, that would be drowning the poor man in nothing but words. I can see his eyes glazing over already, his very soul beginning to suffocate, his poor brain scrambling to keep up, to process all those random and meaningless words…..

The poor, poor man, I can hear him screaming in his brain, oh why oh why won’t she just shut up?

I jest of course, but seriously for the health and well-being of our families, one must learn to place themselves and their relationship with God first, figure out how to get some of our own needs met, and from that place of abundance, you can than give to your family.

It’s a bit like being on a crashing airplane. While it may feel noble and self-righteous to be running around making sure everyone else has their own oxygen mask firmly in place, you will soon render yourself unconscious and be of no use to anyone at all.