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I thought this was an interesting article on Black Lives Matter that highlights some of the concerns that I have had, too. It’s called “Black Lives Matter’s real agenda: The movement is at war with black husbands and fathers.”

It is rather ironic that a movement allegedly built around the deaths of black men, does not actually include black men in the equation at all. In fact, as this article states, part of their mission statement is about how, “We are committed to disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure…” 

So, not only are black men not really included in the agenda at all, one might even say the goal is to kick them out entirely since that’s what “disrupting the Western prescribed nuclear family structure” is really all about.

Given the high rates of single parenthood, divorce, absent fatherhood already a reality in the black community, it is a somewhat odd juxtaposition to now imply that what is really wrong within society and culture is actually…. intact nuclear families and fatherhood.

I would expect to hear something like that from academia, from upper class white feminists weaving an elaborate ivory tower around the intersectionality of oppression, where we are told that one of the most abusive systems in our lives are actually the structure and nature of our own families, specifically the men in them.

It’s actually somewhat offensive to take the lives of black men, actually the deaths of black men, and use them as a kind of catalyst to propel your political cause and ideology, an ideology that revolves around…. erasing black men and eliminating them from their role in families entirely. As the article above states, “for centuries the blood of black men has been used to advance the agenda and fortunes of others.” Yes. And now the blood of black men is once again being used to advance an agenda that does not really care about them at all, nor does it do anything to address the health and well being of black families in general. In fact, it seeks to “disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family structure.”

If you believe that fatherhood, that intact nuclear families, help to build well adjusted children, strong economies, and healthy communities, than aligning oneself with an organization that seeks to dismantle that foundation entirely, is totally self defeating.

Not long ago Violet wrote a post called, “the smear campaign on BLM” Naturally she pretty much reduced the discussion to, “White Christian patriarchal America and our inherent racism and homophobia want to shut this movement down because we’re basically just hateful people who kill puppies, slap gays around, and shoot black people.”

That’s not an exact quote, but it is a summery of the attitude from afar.

I dispute that. Rather than an oppsition to BLM based on hate, some of us have an opposition to BLM based on love and what is truly in the best interests of the majority of the people who will be impacted by their particular brand and ideology. Here’s a hint. The people sure to suffer the most from the agenda promoted by BLM won’t be “white America.”