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I really enjoyed this talk. I too have had some powerful moments of conviction about the church, as in “Oh dear Lord, what have we done?!” Sheer panic, anxiety, such a mess, where do we even begin? Somewhat amusing, I felt a bit like a child having a big drunken party while their parents are out of town and you’ve just found out they’re coming home in ten minutes. We have to fix it, clean it up! Hide all the beer cans!

The Lord has since calmed me down somewhat, it’s okay, He already knows, He sees, He knew what was going to happen to His church. We can’t “fix it,” but we sure can tidy the place up a bit before His return. So that has become my prayer, Lord, when you return may you catch me in the act of seeking your authentic voice and doing everything I know to try to tidy the place up a bit.