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About four years ago I had a premonition about politics, about the election, about the powder keg of anger, resentment, tribalism, hatred that was starting to brew. Pardon the pun here, but there were some feelings in the culture, not reason, not rational thought, pure emotion.

So I began researching, visiting the Alt-Right, the manosphere, the red pills, and some pillian evangelicals, to get a feel for what was going on within the culture. It’s somewhat amusing, but the internet is like a peek into the human psyche and once seen it can never be unseen. There is just not enough eyeball bleach sometimes.

So having good instincts and a bit of a prophetic eye, my heart really sunk when I realized what was going to happen. The ‘spherians, the alt right, the “angry white men” as some media sources have called them, those I often refer to as the Lost Boys, are going to retaliate, seek revenge for perceived political slights. Cause and effect, the pendulum always swings. Those Lost Boys, forever seeking their Alpha, everybody wants to be him, are going to sink this darn election. No, not by winning any games, but by snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory, by responding to this election with emotion rather than wisdom. They’re going to look for the biggest baddest, meanest, bully, their idealistic Alpha and rally behind him.

My heart sunk because my heart is actually very conservative, as in it loves small government, individual rights, local control. Heck, my heart is actually teetering on the edge of anarchy when it comes to freedom and liberty. My heart just cries out for change. However, I’m a realist, I understood at once there was not a darn thing I could do to stop that tsunami of feelings. 

Also somewhat amusing, I still felt compelled to try. I’ve been running about for four long years trying to engage the culture, trying to explain to angry people, “hey, love is a real thing, love conquers all, we walk in victory.” Love trumps hate. Yes, I coined that phrase long before we had candidates, long before the DNC snatched it up.  It’s amusing in the sense that I became a bit like a fly to be swatted away. People salivating over the idea of hatred, revenge, conquest, tribalism, retaliation, isolationism, really aren’t all that interested in hearing about love.

Sigh. The problem being, love conquers all. It trumps everything, political beliefs, personalities, our hopes and dreams for the future. Hate is a deception, it makes you feel powerful, but that is a temporary and fleeting thing. Hate. Loses. Every. Single. Time. Power resides in love. Really comical, imagine me trying desperately to explain the  nature of power, the keys to the kingdom, to a bunch of hotheads convinced they’re going to singlehandedly save Western civilization. Really frustrating because most of these people are Christians, or so they say.

One such hot head of the Alt-Right was Vox Day, with his million or so blog hits every month. Big Trump supporter. I’m an arm chair quarter back, I like observing the culture, I like analyzing things. Usually we wait until after an election to do this, but there are some conservatives I am rather fond of, some who have their heart set on victory…..in a political candidate. Let’s change that faulty thinking right now, let’s put our eyes where they are supposed to be as Christians, and let’s use Vox Day’s words to demonstrate.

In his post “Why Trump,” VD actually says, “You can’t trust Donald Trump’s principles, his words, or his commitment to Jesus Christ. But if you can’t trust in his vanity, if you can’t place any faith in the vanity of a egocentric man who has stamped his name in gold letters on everything he can, in what can you possibly trust?”

In what can you possibly trust? In God we trust. We place our eyes on Jesus Christ, we get into His word, we pray, and we lean into the concept of grace and mercy, into the knowledge and recognition that love wins, that love already conquered all. Love is now seated at the right hand of the Father.

God is good, God is merciful, God is steadfast, and I pray that God has an awesome sense of tolerant good humor, but I have to declare, any Christians who believe they are called to place their trust in the “vanity of a egocentric man who has stamped his name in gold letters,” deserves the royal smack down they have coming. That’s some downright biblical stupidity.

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