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Jonah Goldberg, a conservative author, columnist, writer sent out a tweet about the DNC the other day that set off a little firestorm. It said, “Why this convention is better: It’s about loving America. GOP convention was about loving Trump. If you didn’t love Trump, it offered nada.”

What I found so delightful about that tweet was that it triggered several debates about the nature of love, what is it? How does it manifest itself? Who loves people more, conservatives or liberals? Now of course there have been lots of heated words and political trumpet blowing and some people are just lunkheads, but the essence, the fragrance behind several of these debates was actually rooted around love. My favorite subject, how delightful!

I have to pause and just really take note of that, ponder how remarkable it is that here in the US,  a country heavily rooted in Christian values, what we’re ultimately fighting over is the nature of love, how best to love your neighbor. That can be hard to see sometimes in the midst of hyperbole and hot air, but it is there, it is what lurks at the root of our conflicts. That is actually very unusual, exceptional, extraordinary. Politics are so often about money, power, prestige, status…..corruption. None of that has changed, but what is in the heart of so many  people in America is how do we go forth properly and manifest loving our neighbor in a productive way?

All in good humor here, but trying to locate that essence in our political debates has been a bit like diving for pearls in somebody’s septic tank. Just the same, it comes through loud and clear in a myriad of tweets, columns, and articles. It’s all about loving America, loving her people, and trying to define what that love should look like.

It can be easy to take that for granted, to get lost in the heat of the moment, to succumb to those who spout forth little mean and angry words, to get sucked in by the agitators and fanatics who are trying to capitalize off of conflict and write their own narratives, but that is not what lurks in the heart of the majority.

Some people are ticked of at Jonah Goldberg, he spoke a truth that hit a little too close to home and he violated some people’s sense of tribalism. We’re all about loyalty, team colors, and personal identity. My party right or wrong. That’s somewhat ironic since I’m uncertain either or our candidates really wear their team colors themselves. They’re both so busy “evolving” it’s like trying to stab down jello. Do we take them at the words they spoke last year or the words they are speaking now?

Regardless, the question in many people’s hearts is, “how do we go forth properly and manifest loving our neighbor in a productive way?” Don’t take that for granted, don’t fail to see the beauty in that truth, don’t write America off as a failed experiment. “God shed His grace on thee,” as the song goes, and I can see the evidence of that truth lurking in the hearts of so many people.

I have to tell you, love wins every time. That victory has already been assured because He is seated at the right hand of the Father. When we place our eyes on Him, regardless of election outcomes, we can never go wrong.

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