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Night Wind has written a couple of articles and I really appreciate the perspective, so I thought I would pass them along. Actually I enjoy many of Night Wind’s articles.

Red Pills and Domestic Violence

Click to read the whole thing, but in part,   “One of the Manosphere Game Gurus—whose readership attracts thousands of men—wrote a rather rage-filled and disingenuous rebuttal to Miss Kassian…..”

It is those “thousands of men” who weigh heavy on my heart because pillian culture can be very seductive. So young men, bitter men, men without fathers, men seeking some truth, can be vulnerable to these deceptions. There is just enough truth in some of what the pills say, that it can be easy to get pulled in.

Night Wind continues:

“Why is something as brutish as the Game Cult so popular? It is because it appeals to three of the worst elements in Postmodernist culture: narcissism, the belief that ends justify the means, and the evasion of personal responsibility.”


The second article is called Red Pill Redux.

My favorite part being the final paragraph,

“Christianity is premised on Love, and love must be reciprocated voluntarily and free from coercion. Radical Feminism and Game are not Christian because both deny love and depend on coercion. Despite their superficial differences, they actually teach the same thing; and both work together in mutually undermining traditional marriage.”

Well said. My frustration with the red pills is similar to my frustration with feminism. It is the same darn ideology and both are really contrary to what Christianity teaches.

From a Christian perspective, we were given the bible, the Holy Spirit, and other believers, to lead us and to guide us. There is generally a very cultish aspect to those who offer you secret wisdom and promise that you too can become one of them, a member of our elite and elusive inner circle. Woe be to anyone who steps out of line, too.

Christianity is premised on Love.” Yes, amen.