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Seriously, I call forth all my sisters to go forth boldly and proclaim the Good News. Your sweet and gentle voices  are so desperately needed in the world right now.

That sounds like a paradox doesn’t it? To be sweet and gentle and bold all at the same time? It isn’t really, but I understand it’s a tall order. I myself am somewhat quiet, I like to keep a low profile. A few years back, God really drug me out of my shell, kicking and screaming, and set me on fire. Since then I think I may have met every appalling, lost, confused, false prophet known to man, and those are just the women! It’s as if someone turned on the  flood gates and the pipes are now broken, and over and over again God has said, “See, this is why I need you to speak.”

First off, what’s a Godly woman? It’s simple really, you turn to Jesus Christ and you let Him flesh out the details. That “fleshing out” is no joke either. It requires a lot of honesty and submission to Christ alone. We aren’t Godly because of who we are, how we look or act, how we behave or dress, we are Godly because of who He is and what He does in a human heart. Let Him flesh out the details. He’ll tailor it and make you a  better version of yourself.

What is a gawdly woman? Gawdly women are often marked by an intense dislike of their sisters and they do things that are very demeaning and disrespectful towards other women, and they try to do it in Jesus Christ’s name. Someone once criticized me for never talking about the sins of women, well those are some big ones, envy, gossip, jealousy, relentless sexual competitiveness, control, and shaming.

I’m not going to link to all the negativity, but these are real things in the world. There are some appalling gawdly women promoting outright racism, with huge blog followings of other Christians. We’re not talking about subtle racism here, political incorrectness, we’re talking about the old fashoned kind of racism that I consider to be quite blasphemous.

We have the women who police and shame other women for skirt lengths, hair styles, shoes, weight, and their marriages. This has nothing to do with Christ, this is plain old middle school mean girl behavior, conducted by women well past middle school. You haven’t really lived until you’ve watched these women tell other women they should just kill themselves. It’s ugly. Don’t claim Christ’s name and then act like that. It is not okay.

Today I discover yet another gawdly woman who has since gone viral after sending forth a picture comparing ham sandwiches and relating them to female chastity versus promiscuity.  I so want this woman to be a poe, a parody, a satire, but I fear she is not. She’s allegedly written a book, An Elegant Life. Not elegant at all, just downright ugly.

Parody or not, she’s featured in the Daily Mail and many people will now presume she is representative of faith, of Christian women in general. So even if she is a total actress, a poe writing satire, there are still hundreds of people out there very much like her that leave many uncertain about what is spoof and what is truth.

So why are Godly women so needed today? Because we must speak up and become louder and drown out all these ugly voices. The Good News is uplifting, it is edifying, it is joyous, it is empowering. It is nothing like what you read on the internet. So where are all the young women? On the internet, reading this foolishness and rejecting faith outright. Young women are in a unique and percarious position these days. The world is full of confusion and chaos and they need to hear the gospel spoken as it was designed to be spoken.

They need their sisters, the real ones, loudly and boldly showing them that Jesus Christ truly loves His daughters.