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nancy drewIt’s a bit quirky, but something I really enjoy doing is attacking viruses, malware, unwanted programs, and repairing computers, plucking out all those nasties and forcing them back into service. It’s like a treasure hunt, a riddle to be solved, and I take great satisfaction in seizing control. Good thing too, since I am always on machines half dead, limping along, weighed down with so much garbage they can hardly function. I am absolutely neurotic about computers, they satisfy my obsessive-compulsive need for organization and control.

It’s a great analogy for people. I so want to grab a few of them by their file system and shake the darn malware right out of them. This little bot here is hogging all your resources and leading you astray. And that virus you have won’t go away because you just keep letting it duplicate itself! Worse yet, you just keep downloading the same things, over and over again….

Some people are so darn scattered, they would sure benefit from having their hard drive defragged. Those neuron and synapses seem to be firing, but they’re just firing randomly and don’t even make sense anymore. Plus it takes you forever….

Alas, people are not computers. I am keenly aware of this. No matter how badly I want to grab their little keyboards and give them a good talking to, life just doesn’t work that way.

It’s a bit sad to me, we’re losing control of our devices, the human kind but the technological kind too. I used to be able to go through a system with some ease, but today if you hand me a phone, it’s kind of like an automatic transmission. I really can’t do anything with that, not only does it refuse to surrender to my will, it has a darn tracking device in it. Eww..