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Perhaps I should have begun live blogging the RNC last night, jumped into the fray of all that melodrama, but I actually find drama a bit boring, especially the superficial kind delivered by Mediated Reality. I did have a chuckle over some headlines today however, “Ohio Delegation Having Fun with Seating Arrangements” and “7 Attendees Quarantined in Virus Outbreak.” That’s media hyperbole for, “we’re all going to die!” Sounds like great fun.

In truth I was simply busy spending time with the Lord and praising blueberries. I know blueberries, what a glutton, but the berries are on and ripe and luscious. Naturally I need to find a 101 ways to eat them.

I’m rather glad I spent some time with the Lord rather than the TV, because today the first thing I read on FB was, “we have a way of becoming just like the people we hang out with.” That is a modern way of informing kids to be careful of the company you keep. Never mind kids however, grownups need that reminder, too. There is a profound truth there. Pay attention to what you are paying attention too.

I am a total political junky that has frequently live blogged both the R and D conventions, ran delegate counts and constant updates, and made multiple political predictions. I am surprisingly accurate. I enjoy the rise and fall of politics, the heights of victory… and the way we are forever snatching defeat right out of her jaws.

Scandal! Highs and lows. Melodrama! What’s not to like?

Not this year, however. This year God said, “keep your eyes on Me and eat  blue berries.” So, that is exactly what I did. I completely missed the high lights…and the low lights, too.