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They say the internet is like a peek into to the human psyche and once seen, it can never be unseen again. Truer words have never been spoken. I do not tweet on account of the fact that the whole idea of Twitter annoys me, but I do sometimes peek, something I often immediately regret.

The hashtag, #fightforwesterncivilization, didn’t just cause regret, it made me feel slightly nauseous. Not to put too fine a point on it, but if any of you are an example of Western civilization, than I suggest we just scratch the whole idea. We had a good run for a few hundred years, but if any of those comments are an example of Western civilization, I want no part in it. Actually, I think most of those comments are the precise opposite of “civilization.”

Civilization itself is actually a very thin veneer, something that becomes  apparent the longer one is on the intertoobz. People tend to become very brave when they are hiding behind their keyboards and cloaked in anonymity. They say things they would never say face to face in polite company. Heck, they say things they would never say while passed out drunk in impolite company. I can make allowances for that, but still, it is no comfort knowing these people walk among us, disguised as normal.

So, lots and lots of white supremacist stuff and antisemitism. I’d almost forgotten about how prevalent antisemitism really is. It’s fallen out of the public eye somewhat, because the mediated narrative is all about sexism, racism, homophobia, and defending Islam.

Naturally like all the other things that are broken in the world, I can’t fix it, but I think antisemitism and hatred of Israel is such a huge part of the story, the root of so much of what ails us, and the silence around it has become somewhat deafening.