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Not that I am prone to melodrama or anything, but I suspect the world does not end with a bang but rather with a simple phone ap, an enticing free download, sure to hit those reward centers of the brain and transform us all into mindless zombies on the hunt.

I refer of course to the new Pokemon game, the one that has now sent people waving their phones about wildly and tripping over the hood of my car. While I am rather pleased that people have found a happy distraction from our often dreary and painful lives, there is someting disturbing about this new fad.

If I were an alien lizard overlord hell-bent on world domination, that is what I would do, simply create a phone ap. People are already one with their phones, so programming people themselves would really be a simple matter of writing the proper codes, supplying them with those biological bliss hits, rewards and punishments.  Social engineering is really not that complex, cattle are easily led, the human kind perhaps even easier led than actually cattle.

I suppose one need not go dark here and fancy that the alien lizard overlords are evil, it is just that given human nature, the probability that they are is high. For my own comfort however, I’m going to imagine benevolent alien lizard overlords with a humanitarian streak whose desire for human domination is actually altruistic and for our own good. So perhaps they will code those Pokemon eggs so they can only be found at Wednesday night bible study, and if instead your proximity is closer to a bar or a tavern, you will begin to lose experience points, becoming slower, weaker, and dumber by the minute. One can only hope.

In the meantime, I must salute the alien lizard overlords for their cleverness if nothing else. I’m not quite sure what you do once you have herded a bunch of sheep to the proper coordinates, but the potential for mischief here is somewhat admirable.