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I’m not leaving…the country that is. I’m not leaving the country no matter who wins the next election. If I could find a politically stable tropical island where you can actually drink the water and I had the means to buy mangoes and drinks with paper umbrellas in them, sure I would probably wash my hands of the whole lot of you and be done with it.

The odds of that happening however, are quite slim, so I shall be remaining in America and standing my ground. Where exactly that ground is, I am uncertain. Somebody has gone and drug the middle out into the outfield, we seem to be running our bases backwards, and the whole ball park has tilted. Just the same, I’m rather fond of baseball, apple pie,and Chevrolet, so this is where I’ll be, standing my ground in the middle of a tilted ballpark and munching away on apple pie.

Like most election years, there has been a rash of people threatening to leave the country if so and so is elected. Not to be impolite here, but if you haven’t yet figured out how to leave your parent’s basement, you should not be saying such things. You are likely to fill your parent’s with false hope and that is somewhat cruel.

If you are an elitist like Justice Ruth who has just said that very thing, you have no business verbalizing such threats either. Most of us did not get to earn a triple digit salary while assisting the country on it’s path to the edge of a cliff. When one has been working in government service for years, one is simply not allowed to look about at all the destruction one has wrought and declare, “well my job is finished here, I’ll be on my way now.” Oh no, such things offend me! If you have helped to make this bed, than you  should be forced to sleep in it with the rest of us.

Or perhaps, don’t let the door hit you on the bum on the way out, but regardless threats to run away from home are infantile and childish. I myself frequently dream of smuggling myself off in shipping container heading for foreign lands, but knowing my propensity for trouble, I am just likely to wind up  in a far worse place.