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Hey Mikey! He likes it,” I refer of course to life, or rather Life cereal and the advertising jingle that is now permanently burned into my brain from the 1970’s. Sometimes I cannot remember why I walked into a  room, but I can remember every line from several TV shows, commercials, and obscure songs.

Life, not the cereal, but the thing we are all doing or trying to do in the face of frequent interruptions. Don’t you hate that, when life interrupts your living? Somedays it feels as if I am trying to sprint under water. Perhaps some people are good at that sort of thing, but I tend to recognize the futility rather quickly.

I generally have lots of good plans, a list of things to do, but you know life, it insists on going its own way. Some of that is simply being a mom, which someone once described as trying to shovel snow in a snow storm, an apt description indeed.

I cleaned the bathroom  today and soon moved on to the cleaning the porch, which created such a dust cloud, I was instantly covered in grit and grime and looked a bit like a chimney sweep. That would have been just fine but at that precise moment I had to go deal with both my driver’s license and my license to work. It seems as if there was some mysterious green box I failed to place a check mark in, which signals doom and destruction for all involved.

I love bureaucracy, also known as completely random nonsense that makes no sense. So, covered in grime, I dashed off to ease other people’s anxiety, placed a check mark in the offending  green box, and wound up getting not one, but two ID photos. I’m not particularly vain, but just the same  I do look  as if I have been sleeping in the park for a couple of weeks.

Naturally when I returned the dust cloud is still swirling about the front porch but now my immaculate bathroom, which I never got to use at all, is completely covered in mud. I have no idea where all the mud came from since it is very dry here right now, so dry, I was forced to eventually hose down the dust. Just the same, there must be mud somewhere, because it seems to have taken up residence in my once immaculate bathroom.

Technically speaking, I have managed to accomplish absolutely nothing today, or at least absolutely nothing I wished to accomplish. This is not unusual, this is actually becoming a state of being.

There are no hidden metaphors in this post, no deeper meanings, just life, the cereal and Mikey who apparently likes it, as if he has been given this great gift by those who simply tried to use him as guinea pig. Well played, Mikey, well played.