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I speak of course, of the decision to not criminally charge Hillary Clinton, of the angst, misery, and woe of politics, of the complete despair over the fact that the law is now dead, that we are all living in Animal House and that some animals are simply more equal than others.

I must vent because it all has me oddly annoyed, annoyed because where have you all been my whole life? Like duh? Like what kind of a privileged person lives in such comfort that they would even presume the law applies to us all equally? Seriously, this is a shock to anyone?

Sigh. I must be patient here but I do not feel so patient, I feel left behind, ignored dismissed, I feel as if there really are two Americas, one belonging to the bubble people who have no flippin idea what it is like to be one of the less equal animals. I feel invisible.

Let me tell you, injustice is a way of life in my world. Nobody even pretends they’ll be treated fairly. You can’t fight city hall. The system is rigged against you. It’s not  what you know, it’s who you know. If you don’t have a ton of money to fight with you are finished before you start. This applies to absolutely everything, to driving down the road praying the cops don’t notice the expired tabs you can’t afford until next month. It applies to the rare creek snails now pronounced endangered that seem to suddenly share the same watershed as the home you live in. It applies to planning depts and septic inspectors and wetlands and building codes. It applies to trying to run a little tiny business to support yourself, a task so fraught with endless audits, harassment, and intimidation, you have to be half out of your mind to even try it.

The law and its inherent injustice impacts the lesser animals every step of the way, every moment of our lives. It limits our ability to move freely about society, it hampers our ability to earn a living, it seeks to rob us of our homes. Gentrification is a real a thing in the world. Ask those endangered creek snails.

It hurts our families, too. It breaks up our marriages, it threatens to take our children away from us. It labels us at risk, it stalks us, judges us, and it forces us to put our children in public schools where they can be taught the proper way to conform to a broken world.

Oddly annoyed, I wrap that around me, comforted by the proof that something is still alive within, something that can still rear up and demand to be heard. Egregious injustice has been away of life for so many people for so long, but what hurts the most is that there seems to be Americans walking about who have never bothered to look or to listen to all of those who suffer right next to them.

I’m not bitter, I’m battle-worn, learned helplessness settled in long ago, and today I simply walk in crisis mode determined to hang on, but so aware I can’t fight a tidal wave of egregious injustice that has simply ruled our lives for longer than anyone can remember. Sometimes I just want to whack people upside the head and steal their idealism.