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From the Department of Redundancy, I was going to title this post, “VD is wrong,” but some things are just such a given there really is no reason to repeat them. Never mind the man however, it is the subject matter of his post I wish to address because some of these concepts speak to a spirit in America that my patriotic little soul rejects vehemently.

The post is called What “Independence” Day  and begins, “I don’t celebrate the 4th of July. I don’t celebrate “Independence Day.” He proceeds to explain that the law is dead and America is a corpse. Allegedly one simply cannot resurrect a corpse.

He than proceeds to explain, “Tibetan religious tradition has it that when the Dalai Lama dies, the Buddha of Compassion leaves his body and incarnates in the body of a young child.”

Well, perhaps. He seems to have forgotten the part about the sky burial, where first we drag the body out to the farthest place in the wilderness and allow the carrion to pluck the flesh from its bones. Such a gentle phrase, “sky burial,”  a rather appalling and graphic  reality, but one that should please those who take their environmental issues and composting seriously.

Than he says, “For many years, conservatives and other freedom lovers have placed their trust in the Republican Party.”

Okay, so step one for  managing to locate America in the dark armed with nothing more than two hands and a flashlight,  America is not a corpse. She is alive and well in the spirit of her people, those who fight on amidst a great deal of abuse. Those who stand firm here on her soil. Those who are actually willing to engage with the culture.

Step two,  America in not a Tibetan monk. Nor is she a Buddhist at all. America is a Christian nation founded on Christian values. Yes, even the freedom to not believe is a Christian value. You cannot separate America from her Christian heritage and this is one of the issues that currently plagues us.

Step three, as a Christian nation, if we ever did place our hope and trust in the Republican party than we are fools indeed, because our eyes are always to be on Jesus Christ, our hope is to live in Him. I am not a member of the Republican kingdom, I am the daughter of a most high God, a heavenly kingdom, serving the King of Kings. The Republican party could implode, slide off the road,  and wind up in ditch, and it wouldn’t impact my values one bit.

Step four, the very heart and soul of Christian faith is all about Resurrection, life more abundant. “The thief comes not, but to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.-John 10:10

“I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. As Christians we have absolutely no business declaring our country dead. We have been handed a sacred trust, we have an obligation here. One does not simply wash their hands of sacred honor, of that which men have died for.

To his credit, Vox does manage to eventually conclude that, “America is dead. Let us go, then, and find her.

True indeed, but let us first make sure we are looking for her in the right place.