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I’ve been really struggling to understand this tangled, convoluted mess call red pill religion and why I am so repulsed by it, why I find it to be such a cult filled with dangerous teachings that are really the anti-thesis of everything Jesus Christ taught. The anti-Christ. To make matters worse these are often people claiming faith, using scripture to justify their positions.

LeeLee in Babylon has given me something to work with and I don’t mean to be impolite or disrespectful, but this stuff is simply not okay. So lee lee has written “of course women are objects, ”  in response to a feminist who has suggested that women are actually people.

Women are actually people, lee lee, made in His image, having such worth and value He died for us. We are the sons and daughters of a most high God, we are not meat sacks. We are spirits who happen to have a body.

She says, “The dogma of feminism is that women possess a brightly burning, otherworldly spiritual value that cannot be extinguished or even diminished by any negative choices, attitudes, or behaviors – “

Actually, that’s really not feminism at all. That is much closer to what following Jesus Christ is all about.

She continues, “Let’s be clear: If you are a human being reading this post…. you are an object. Your value isn’t lurking somewhere outside of your physical existence, it’s located solidly within it.”

Well now, so much for storing up treasures in heaven or how the last shall be first. We are allegedly meat sacks, nothing more than our sexual market values, having no worth beyond what is lurking within us, which happens to be sinful, fleshly, and bad, so good luck with that one.

Naturally this being red pill rhetoric, she concludes by blaming women for failing to live up to our alleged burden of physical performance (sexual performance) by declaring, “By failing to live up to the burden of being an object – by being fat, slovenly, loud, aggressive, slutty, or selfish – women truly can lose value.”

As an object, as an asset of markit-ability, as a commodity perhaps this is true,  but we are not flat, two-dimensional projections of the porn culture, our only worth and value aligned solely to our sexuality and our ability to sell products and fantasies. That is a worldly definition of “women,” it stems from the pornographic culture we all live in.

In the comments of this post lee lee said to me, “You are an object. This means you are what you do and feel.” I don’t believe that at all. I am actually so much more than what I do and feel. In fact, what “I feel “is really not who I am at all, it is simply a subjective response to what I am perceiving.

However, for the sake of argument let’s suppose I am what I feel. In that case, I feel as if we as a culture have failed young girls, have left the broken ones behind and failed to protect them,  have allowed them to internalize the porn culture we live in, so they now define themselves as “women,” as objects, having no worth and value beyond our sexual market values.

I feel as if we have done a grave disservice to these girls. I feel as if those of us who are in Jesus Christ, especially the men, must try to reach out and see to it that women and girls understand that our value as women comes not from our sexual marketability, but rather from Christ within us.

I say “the men,” not because they have caused it or it is somehow their fault,  but because in the porn culture that endlessly seeks male approval, the older women have often been relegated to the rubbish heap, so we now have no authority, we are the enemy, and we cannot teach the red pill girls how to perceive themselves as Jesus Christ does.