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All sin is equal, I really believe in that concept, which is a bit funny because nothing else in the world seems equal to me nor would I really want it to be. As far as I am concerned however, a sin is a sin is a sin.

In the legal world we perceive things through a human hierarchy, so some things are heinous crimes, rated by degrees, premeditated or unintentional. Than we try to weigh method, means, motive, and intent against competency or incompetency. That’s kind of important in a legal sense, we don’t want to send  people who steal paper clips from their employer to jail with bank robbers. But I don’t think it works that way in the spiritual world at all. In the spiritual, a sin is a sin is a sin.

Thou shall not steal, that means paperclips, internet time at work, or candy bars from the grocery story. We’re all sinners, not one is righteous, not one. A white lie designed to comfort someone is still a lie. Most of us are human, we have all broken the law, violated many of the commandments. God is a God of redemption and second chances….or third, fourth, fifth, heck a few dozen. God is full of mercy and love and He knows us well. In Christ Jesus there is no condemnation, He is our advocate, our lawyer, …if we recognize our need and call Him.

In a physical sense, if we stomp on someone’s toe, it doesn’t matter if it was accidental or intentional. We’ve still caused pain to someone’s toe, so we need to recognize that an apologize. We’re a bit like little kids however, I didn’t mean to, it’s not my fault, you shouldn’t have had your foot there, you tripped me, whatever. We have a lot of excuses for our own behavior and often compare ourselves to other people in a legalistic sense. So, I stepped on your toe, it’s not like I killed you or something, it wasn’t an assault, I’m not a murderer, my intentions  were good!

I suspect God sees us much like I saw my own kids when they were small, with a bit of amusement but a keen awareness they aren’t fooling anybody. I had a real weakness for honesty, a rare occurrence indeed, but I do remember a couple of, “I just punched her in the head because I really wanted to.” I loved that. Not okay, but I can so relate. Who hasn’t wanted to just punch a sibling in the head?

Believe it or not, I have actually been greatly blessed by coming to understand that all sin is equal, that a sin is a sin is a sin, that what separates me from all the other humans in the eyes of God is nothing. I am not saved, claimed, redeemed, forgiven, because I have managed to avoid at least half the sins of mankind. I am redeemed because of His sacrifice. His love, His nature.

What separates me from all the other humans in the eyes of God is nothing. What’s really lovely about that, is that once we recognize there is nothing we can do to justify our own salvation, we are free to simply invest ourselves in seeking His favor, in becoming pleasing to Him, like a sweet fragrance. Allow your Father to delight in you, while you delight in Him.

I say there is nothing that separates me from the other humans, but I only mean that in terms of worth and value before God. In truth, God’s hand is on me, my name is written in His book of life, and I have been claimed, set apart, redeemed.