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I thought this was interesting, the usual red pillian characters all got together around a piece of research that helped to confirm their own biases when they twerked it just a bit. Like rote, they all fell into line, one after another. Naturally I attempted to address several of them, primarily because I am a complete moron who always insists on trying to talk to people with their fingers in their ears.

The twerked narrative  is the idea that all women  are well, sexually immoral, as you can see from Wintery Knight here, who posts a picture of a couple of girls vomiting under the title, “Study: women who lose their virginity in their teens are more likely to divorce.”  Vox Day did a version of this himself with pretty little graphs and colors, and all the others marched along in lockstep, all giving their own spin on the same theme.

The message they wished to pass along is that women in general are sexually promiscuous and you shouldn’t marry one because it will just end in divorce. Red pillian comedic fodder aside, I actually read a couple of these studies and they just broke my heart.

Naturally the pillians would completely miss the significance, but the first article begins with, “Women who lost their virginity as young teenagers are more likely to divorce – especially if it was unwanted, according to new research.”

Especially if it was unwanted….

We than proceed to, “The study showed, however, that if a young woman made the choice to lose her virginity as a teenager, there was no direct link to a marital split later in life.”

So what the studies actually reveal is that teen age girls who experience unwanted sexual activity, through no choice of their own, tend to have a harder time in longterm marital relationships.

You don’t say?? Like maybe when young girls have negative experiences with men at an early age and are sexually exploited, it inteferes with their future relationship skills, like the ability to trust and respect men perhaps??

I’m telling you, I have to bite my bloody tongue here becasue these are Christian men and I expect better of Christian men and perhaps that’s unfair, perhaps my expectations are too high, but they have been met by others, others who would never dream of being so breath takingly stupid, others who actually have some genuine empathy for their sisters. Sisters, heck, these are our children! These are teen age girls engaging in unwanted sex often with older men. Unwanted. Non consensual. Not of their chosing.

To Deepstrength who has changed his blog name from “Reflections on Christianity and the manosphere” to “Christianity and masculinity,” here is a basic tenet of both, you are called to protect and defend the weak and vulnerable, not to ridicule and mock them.