I loved this article, “About those “20 Minutes of Action”: 20 Things We’d Better Tell Our Sons Right Now About Being Real Men.”

I’ve been wanting to talk about the Stanford rape case, about Brock Turner, but it’s a case so full of teh stoopid, such waste, such tragedy, such foolishness everywhere including coming from the 100 thousand or so keyboard warriors on the internet, I just haven’t had the stomach for it. Teh stoopid is just a force in the world that often rises up and threatens to engulf me. You just can’t fix teh stoopid and there’s more than enough of it in this case to go around.

This is a good article however, it puts a positive spin on things, at least in terms of real men. “Real men” is a term that rankles some, but I can’t stop using it, because real men are such a blessing, real men are what God intended men to be, real men know their worth and value, and real men have the power to change everything.

The world is chock full of real men. They are our fathers, our brothers, our husbands.

She reminds us, “God chose to make His entry point into the world through the holy space of a woman, to enfold Himself inside of a woman, to drink of a woman, be held and nourished and cared for by a woman — that’s the jolting truth of how God loves His daughters with His honor.”

Amen! If a woman helped bring sin into the world, a woman also helped give birth to redemption, to our Savior.

She says, “Real Manhood means you hallow womanhood.Yes, and so beautifully, so perfectly, in the process you  will hallow your own self.