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I belong to the apple cider vinegar cult, an exaggeration for sure, but the usefulness of the substance never ceases to amaze me. First off there are certain medications and medical conditions that vinegar can interfere with, so always consult a doctor about health things you read on the internet.

We actually rinse people with a solution of vinegar and water to prevent many skin ailments, yeast, fungus, infections. Soaps, shampoo, lotions, all alter the ph of your skin  and create an unhealthy balance. Vinegar also has anti bacterial properties, it kills germs, so rinsing in a solution of vinegar and water can completely change the environment needed for bad things to grow. It also makes your hair shiny.

There are many things we actually clean with a solution of vinegar and water where using harsh chemicals would be kind of gross, like nebulizers and  assorted breathing machines. You can actually clean your entire house with vinegar and water and although it’s not going to smell very pleasant, it is a great sanitizer. It can remove soap and wax build ups and create streak free windows.

There are assorted skin issues that plague people and vinegar can be surprisingly effective. It’s a bit gross, but  corns, warts, plantar warts, skin tags,  callouses, will often go away if you dab a bit of apple cider vinegar on them a couple of times a day. If you don’t have any broken skin you can use it straight dabbed on with a q-tip. Generally it will not sting, but usually we water it down into a much weaker solution for a full body rinse. It is concentrated stuff and a little goes a long way.

There is some science behind vinegar, it is not just an old wives tale, the ph of your skin for example, and the way vinegar actually alters potassium absorption making it more easily utilized by your skin. Things like warts, corns, tend to invade when your body is unable to fight them off. That is true of bacteria, yeast, fungus, too. Our immune systems are amazing, the first line of defense, so whatever we can do to support them and make their job easier, is a good thing. Prevention is 99% of the cure.

Vinegar has long been used in pickling and food preservation. We literally create a brine out of vinegar and salt and pickle cucumbers, for example. Pickled veggies are usually quite good for you, salt sometimes being an issue. Some people will  drink pickle juice as a hangover cure, because the salt and vinegar help with the dehydration caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

Many people actually drink apple cider vinegar, about a teaspoon in a glass of water and have found that it helps with digestion, regulating blood sugar, blood pressure, and weight loss. It makes sense because vinegar is the same type of acid you find in your stomach anyway. In the West we tend to big fans of antacids which again can change the ph and interfere with our digestion. People on antacids tend to be more vulnerable to food poisoning and digestive upsets, which can create a vicious cycle. We take these things to prevent discomfort, but in the process we often create more of it by  working against our bodies, rather than with them.

So, cheap, easily available, and a surprisingly versitile substance, sure to cure numerous things that ail you.