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This was just awesome, ” 7 Rules for Being a Gentleman and Christ’s Ambassador Online”

Never underestimate the power of being a gentleman. Just a bit of calm and a kind word can plant seeds or even change hearts and minds in an instant. The internet is an interesting venue because the hills have eyes so to speak, so while you maybe chatting with one person, there are fifty other eyes following along that no one even sees, that we are completely unaware of.

My opinion on assorted issues from faith to politics to marriage has changed and evolved because of the work and words of people who never even knew I was listening and watching. That is just as true on the internet as it is on the ground. I have dozens of gentlemen heroes in my life who simply arrived at just the right time and through their actions and words they changed everything, without even knowing me. How amazing is that? I call it ripples on a pond. Your words and behavior will go out like ripples on a pond and reach a far shore that sometimes you can’t even see. It’s powerful.

I’m one of those people who won’t listen to shrieking or might makes right arguments. It causes instant disrespect and I simply assume people are too emotional to know what they’re even talking about. Speak gently though, and I’ll at least follow your line of thought and consider it.

Gentleman come in all shapes and sizes, different temperaments, but I think what stands out for me is the condition of their heart and the quiet strength of their conviction. One once whispered to me, “this is a bunch of crap,” not the most elegant turn of phrase, but a real gentleman just the same, one who was speaking the truth at the time, softly, in a whisper.

Gentlemen are genuine heroes. It’s probably far more romantic and glamorous to imagine oneself throwing barbarians over the castle walls and while I empathize deeply there, there is another way, a far more effective way when you are seeking to win over hearts and minds.

I too have moat full of alligators and a powerful urge to toss of few lemmings over the wall, but alas, such things are heavily restricted. 🙂