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Note to self: Do not ever try to engage in a conversation with any 20 something red pill girls who call themselves a Titus 2 wife and insist on decorating their blogs with endless selfies of them selfies.


2. Avoid any bloggers called something like, Daintily Draped in Babylon, Slightly Psychotic and Tattooed, or Borderline-Me-Please.


3. Do not respond to any question such as, “It is so embarrassing when I am out with my husband and all these guys keep coming up to us and asking me out right in front of him. How do I handle this?”

post apocolyptic

4. In case you missed it the first time, avoid all conversations with Borderline-Me-Please. In fact, boldly flee as fast as you can. That one is hungry.


5. Beware the Proverbs 31 red pill gals. Those ones have an astounding ability to hiss and spit their virtue all over you. A llama would be envious of all that spitting.

red queen

6. Whenever someone posts the question, “Why do all the other woman hate me just because I’m so beautiful?” Just walk away IB, just walk away.untie me