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“Trumps Counterfeit Masculinity” Interesting article from David French in the National Review, which covers many of the themes and cultural observations that always interest me. He begins with, “Some Americans believe that Donald Trump is the answer to feminism. He’s the fearless man. He’s the strong man. He’s the man who laughs in the face of the social-justice warrior and demonstrates the appeal of pure, unadulterated aggression and virility. In reality, however, he’s a great gift to feminism: the man who will revive a failing ideology.”


Now, as an extreme example of that Trumpian “dominance as destruction” theme, we have the ever popular shock jock Vox Day declaring, “Hate is a human right.” Naturally the Voice of God takes it one step farther and states God Himself hates and so we are to hate, too.

We can have many intelligent discussions about theology, about whether or not God hates things such as sin for example, but that is not the purpose or the point of all these hate filled dog whistles. It is all about reclaiming power, retaliation, revenge, people who feel oppressed, abused, disempowered by the culture wars and fancy themselves able to right the ship of state and save Western civilization itself by unleashing hatred.

Unleashing hatred! Saving Western civilization with hatred! Even as I type those words I can hardly believe them, but that is exactly what I have been observing for a few years now. From a Christian perspective I have been shrieking relentlessly like the proverbial canary in a  coal mine for some time now. Hatred is not a Christian value. I do not care what rhetoric you try to use, what pretty words you try to wrap it in, or how many people come forward to tell me this is okay, hatred is not okay, not ever. Nor does it have anything to do with masculinity.

David French says,“The answer to feminism is and always has been manhood properly defined. It is not — and never will be — the toxic masculinity of the arrogant.”

Yep. Amen.
David French also says in his conclusion, “For want of a sheepdog, the wolf will devour the flock.”

Yes, rather prophetic words there, down right biblical actually. Another way of putting it, for lack of a Shepard, the sheep will follow the wolf, or as I often say, the wildebeests will just stampede themselves right into the waiting mouths of a lion.