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Life can be hard, really, really, hard, and painful too. There are many things I don’t talk about on the internet, but trust me, I am more than entitled to a good lamentation, probably alphabetized, illustrated, and complete with Venn diagrams. Not fair, Lord, not fair at all.

Don’t you just hate it when people say, “life isn’t fair?” I want to slap them all. What the heck would people even know about “fair?” Most of them are out right now signing a petition in support of a dead gorilla. That’s their idea of a grave injustice! How many humans were shot in Chicago last week? Anybody care?

A woman, a journalist, was lamenting about how her “life was ruined,” on the internet, when some people got a hold of some photos of her in a revealing dress coming out of a night club somewhere in Europe. I laughed outright. Seriously, that ruined your life? Hey, if anyone has any photos of my mis-spent youth, feel free to make my day and post them.

I really don’t understand this lifestyle of the rich and famous thing, but it does cheer me up immensely. It’s good to know there are some people in the world even more pathetic than I am.

There was this man on TV who, while visiting a prostitute, managed to get himself stabbed by a guy and wound up running down the street all naked and bloody. Now that will ruin your whole life! I have to admire the guy because if you’re going to ruin your life at least put some effort into it. He did, he took his life-ruining seriously. He survived though, and went on to become a Pastor.

I have a special affection for the crazy ones, the ones who say things like, “there I was half out of my mind making snow angels on the kitchen floor when Jesus Christ suddenly called me.” Or those who call out to Christ when they’re naked and bloody and running down the street, “Lord, I think I need you after all, I seem to have made a mess of things!”

As a matter of fact, that is just awesome. It’s hard to have a proper pity party when you know that Jesus Christ sees all, knows all…. and meets you right where you’re at.

I think I’m suffering from coveting the “oh, woe is me, I got caught stumbling out of a nightclub in Europe and now my life is ruined.” Or perhaps not, perhaps I’d really hate myself even more if life were that shallow.