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This gave me a chuckle, Physicist Stephen Hawking baffled by Donald Trump’s rise.

It begins with Renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking may have a good grasp of the workings of the universe, but he says he can’t understand Donald Trump’s popularity.” He than says, regarding Trump, “He is a demagogue who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator.”

Something I’ve always found somewhat entertaining is how people have a way of always answering their own riddles without even knowing it. The very fact that people who support Trump are being labeled the, “lowest common denominator” by their so called “superiors,” does speak to the fact that there is massive elitism going on, the kind that makes people feel oppressed, unheard, as if they haven’t got a voice. Also known as, all fired up and sitting on a powder keg of resentment. Any politician worth two bits is going to capitalize on this anxiety and exploit the heck out of it.

Trump rather inartfully just mentioned how he was going to transform the Republican party into the “workers party,” inartful because Karl Marx and a few other’s have had the same idea. Fortunately Trump did not say the “National Socialists Workers Party” or something. But he did speak of the “workers party” as in the little people’s party, the working class, the lowest common denominator, those tired of forever being marginalized, often falsely labeled racist, sexist, and all round haters. It was a great dog whistle.

Hawking says he has, “no explanation for the success of the presumptive Republican Party presidential nominee.”

Kind of funny, but coincidentally Joe the Plumber  knows. He has an explanation! He gets it and just came out whole heartedly for Trump. I get it too, this is predictable cause and effect going on. The pendulum always swings.

I must say, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking cannot possibly have “a good grasp of the workings of the universe,” if he cannot even understand that spending nearly a decade labeling people the, “lowest common denominator”  certainly does have  a way of creating a backlash.