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I found this article on facebook and thought it was surprisingly good “10 Questions to Test Whether You Are a True Christian”.

It revolves around words written by J.C. Ryle to his English congregation in 1878, something I find oddly comforting because the more things change, the more they stay the same. There really is nothing new under the sun. He could have been preaching today, right here in the US.

The very first question, “Do we ever think about our souls at all?” Yep! Heck, I get myself into trouble with some Christians, just for suggesting we even have souls. The questions continue, ten of them, each one elaborated on and explained, so I won’t repeat them all, but it’s an article worth reading. 1878, imagine that.

There is something that presses on my heart however, that often gives me grief and I don’t even fully understand it all myself. I often meet people who are having troubles and I have the answer, I know the cure for what ails you, the Great Physician! Jesus Christ, you just need Jesus…. But they already have Him or they believe they do, but they don’t, not really. I’m not talking about salvation, I’m talking about truly knowing Him. The knowing is everything. There are people in the midst of horrible circumstance, but they got Jesus Christ, you can tell. They are hanging onto Him, He is working in their lives, they will praise Him no matter what. I sometimes say they crackle, they sparkle, the Holy Spirit, what can I say, He just defies description, like energy or light, but people will just glow……even in the bottom of a pit.

There are still others who, I am not so sure, is there an ember in there perhaps? If so, I cannot see it, it is so well hidden. These are the people who weigh heavy on me because they suffer needlessly, because they can’t or won’t avail themselves of Him. People who somehow spend years in church, who have read the bible, but never really got to know Him.

The second question is, “Do we ever do anything about our souls?” and goes on to say, “There are multitudes in England who think occasionally about religion—but unhappily never get beyond thinking.”

Beyond thinking! Yes that’s it, that is right up my alley. Somewhere beyond the thinking, somewhere over the rainbow, there He is, more real than you can even imagine,  desiring a relationship with us so badly, He actually died to know us. Us!

I don’t even know how to express it properly, but “beyond thinking,” as in “sometimes you just have to close your eyes and feel the music.” Pull Him towards you, let Him enter your heart. Receive Him. Let Him start the fire.

Also on facebook, there’s, “IB, artsy fartsy, weird, all spiritual and stuff, like grace, grace, grace, that’s all she ever talks about.” It gave me a laugh, reminded me of the Brady Bunch, “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!” Ah, my brother, but if you aren’t on fire for the Lord like I am, you better start asking yourself why. Someday life might attack and all you’re going to be able to hear are your own words mocking the very idea of grace.