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I haven’t picked on Vox Day for a while because frankly I find his particular brand of wrong headedness kind of boring and redundant. However, he did post “Game is the entry point to the #AltRight” which does speak to some of the same things I have been speaking to, the perfect confluence of the bizarre red pill cultians, the masculinity movement, and Donald Trump.

These guys are saving Western civilization or so they believe, by seizing the cultural narrative and engaging in  social engineering. Least anyone doubt that and think I am insane myself, VD himself says, “Hence the tagline to this blog: saving Western civilization. Game is only the starting point.” Gaming the culture, not unlike one might game women into sleeping with you. Kind of like, think local, take it global.

Social engineering is actually very effective, as is brainwashing and assorted other forms of psychological seduction. People are surprisingly malleable, especially of you know which buttons to push. One of the best buttons to push is people’s desire to be part of a secret club followed up by convincing them they are thinking independently, radically, unlike all the others, special snowflakes in danger of persecution. Tribalism and victimhood. It’s heady stuff. Works every time.

I have an exceeding dislike for brainwashing and social engineering. I consider it a violation of privacy, a form of psychological abuse. However, considering Hillary Clinton is rumored to have just unleashed a bunch of internet trolls, er social engineers, onto the internet to campaign for her, I can’t really make a moral argument against it. I read Rules for Radicals long ago, but it wasn’t until the Obama on-line campaign that I fully understood how malleable people really can be. One can hardly cough up much concern and indignation about teh stoopid these days. It is far too prevalent.

I do wish to say two things however. The comment VD quotes says in part, “And those answers come, with varying degrees of accuracy and crudity, from the PUA/Game/MRA/RedPill blogs. Whatever their faults, they all have one redeeming quality – they are manifestly not insane.”

Oh, I assure you, they are all manifestly insane. Men in general have an amazing capacity to believe themselves to be reason based and logical, even while acting “manifestly insane.” I’m not trying to disparage all of mankind, the ability to do things that are manifestly insane while convincing yourself you are being reason based and logical, has served the species well.

The gamers tend to take “manifestly insane” to a whole new level, however. Given the alt right’s propensity for driving the crazy train right of the tracks, this should come as no surprise. Somewhere amid all the white supremacy and admiration for mass murder Andrew Breivik, you start to catch on. You people just ain’t right in the head.

The article linked to from which this comment comes is aptly titled, Re-Tribalizing America.  Not quoted is the part that goes onto say, “These blogs are essentially applied evolutionary psychology. The systematizing, logical male mind is placed in the dispassionate, clinical service of disassembling every polite fiction about courtship, and replacing it with an amoral imperative. Women are to be understood, then mastered. And once women are mastered, they are irrelevant.”

Ah, now who does not like “the systematizing, logical, male mind, rationalizing women right into irrelevance?”

I gotta tell you Lost Boys, you really need to level up your game because I sure ain’t jumping on no crazy train that seeks to erase and render me irrelevant.