A couple of Mormon guys came by and offered to pray for me. It was quite encouraging, I am always charmed when I run into them. For one, there are a lot of lost and broken children in this neck of the woods, so seeing young people cleaned up and doing something positive with themselves cheers me up immensely. Not broken, not lost, but actually coming by to try to give me something. I’m not likely to join their church, but how wonderful it is to see them at the strangest times and how kind their prayers are. Strength, they always pray for God to give their sister strength.

God knows exactly what prayers I need.

There was a time when we did pray for each other, publicly, easily, naturally, when it was culturally acceptable to lead people in prayer during our ordinary lives, outside of church. Perhaps it still happens in some places but it’s a rarity in my neck of the woods. I really miss that. We prayed at football games, we prayed before starting a shift at work, we prayed in restaurants before eating. We’d even pray over our car before we’d try to start it.

Can I pray for you? So simple, but so, so powerful. As long as we’re praying to Christ, anyone can pray for me, at anytime. It is wonderful to be prayed for. I got to take the grandchildren to church with me a while back and they said, “this is the prayingest church I’ve ever been too.” Amen!ย  We really are the prayingest church ever, but as a community we need to take it to the streets. I don’t know how you do that, I don’t know how you make it happen. Pray for revived prayer, I suppose.

It’s easy to whisper, “I’ll pray for you” and go home and perhaps we will, perhaps we will remember people in our quiet prayers, but oh how delightful it is when someone simply picks up their authority and speaks words over you, words that declare something right here and right now. I need to do that more often myself, although that can be challenging when I am surrounded by so many non believers who have been taught to take offense at prayer.

Lettuce pray Lord, right here and right now. It’s local, renewable,ย  sustainable, green, and downright organic. Plow a path Lord, in what is often hard and rocky soil and allow these seeds of prayer to take root.