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mainstreamAll in good humor here, but at present I seem to have run out of cares to give, both on the intertoobz and In Real Life. Yesterday I checked in with myself, and nope, still no cares to give.

My work is a bit annoyed with me, I care about the clients I work with, but at the moment I simply do not care about melodrama and office politics. Actually I never do, but generally I can listen politely and try give the appearance of caring.

Lately, I seem to have failed epically in my acting abilities because the girlz have declared, “Why, it’s as if she doesn’t even care!” You don’t say?! Is it possible that my ability to wrap myself in angst, misery, and woe over the dumbest things has somehow managed to elude me? Yes, yes, it is quite possible. I have simply ran out of cares to give.

I believe I have now read perhaps a dozen articles on the intertoobz that are so clearly off the wall, they are just begging for someone to dismantle them and yet I do not seem to have any cares to give. I have been just stepping delicately over the steaming piles, having absolutely no desire to clean up after others. Personally I would be embarrassed to hold such ideas, let alone actually document them for all to see, but whatever, I don’t care.

punch themAlas, you know this blissful state of not caring will soon pass, it always does, and the pressure will build, and before you know it I will be compelled to give someone a piece of my mind. Or if I don’t think you’re worth my time, I’ll just smile politely and give the appearance of handing out a few cares.

Regardless, at the moment I simply have no cares to give.