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I do enjoy Doug Wilson, his wordsmithery, his view of the gospel, his sense of humor. I don’t always  enjoy his blog comment section, but his words alone, yes they are great fun. Since I am snagging a few of his words I must link to them, before I take them completely out of context and chase them down a rabbit hole. He is actually writing about sausages whereas I wish to write about women and faith.

So here is his paragraph completely unrelated to sausages that I have practically plagiarized simply for the purpose of discussion, And wives, don’t read this and go off to demand that your husband tell you if this is true. It might not be, but if it is, you are unlikely to get a straight answer from him. Get on your knees and ask the Spirit if it is true. He’s not afraid of you.”

Ahhh, as if those words are not balm the soul. Ask Him! Whatever you desire to know, whatever troubles you, whatever you are confused about, “Get on your knees and ask the Spirit if it is true.” Having done this so many times, to God I must seem like that annoying little kid who can’t stop asking, why, why, why? I can report that He does not usually turn you into a pillar of salt. If you have question, ask Him, let Him search your heart, let Him answer you. It requires some humility, because sometimes the answer is not what your flesh wishes to hear. God can be brutally honest and to the point. In our world we are often so used to deception and lies, the Truth can feel well, kind of weird and unusual.

Now as to the last part, “He’s not afraid of you.” Oh, how gloriously true that is and what an amazing blessing. There is a secret about women not often spoken about, but we tend to really dislike when men fear us. One might even say it is really scary and disconcerting. Not surprising, since the roots of misogyny are usually buried beneath a fear of women. So when men fear us too much, they also tend to hate and resent us. We become the enemy rather than allies, and their natural dominance can than become destruction.

That is the far end of the spectrum, the extreme. Then there is also the polite and civilized kind of fear, the kind bred of good manners, of a desire to keep the peace, of a need for our approval. I married someone who errs too far in the other direction, but that is somewhat unusual. For the most part a lot of men have an investment, a desire to avoid confrontations with women. So when Wilson says, “It might not be, but if it is, you are unlikely to get a straight answer from him,” he is absolutely right.

“You are unlikely to get a straight answer from him.” That is the world that most women walk in, that is  the kind of fear from men that we often must deal with, even when it is going on subconsciously. Nor am I blaming men for this, it is what it is and it is not necessarily wrong, especially in its milder forms having to do with politeness and a desire for women’s approval. I mean who in their right mind would complain about that? We need more kindness and good manners in the world, not less.

BUT, there are women in the world who do fear God’s response to them because they are so used to men’s response them and that is just heartbreaking to see. God does not fear women, not in the least, and He knows us so well! Not only is it true that “He is not afraid of you,” there is nothing that you can do or say that will ever frighten Him or cause Him to reject you or to perceive you as a threat of some kind. I assure you I am rather bold and sometimes downright reckless and  I have always been met with God’s complete fearlessness as in, “bring it on.”

I cannot begin to tell you how amazing, delightful, and wonderous that truly is. God’s amazing fearlessness, an aspect of God’s character that for women, can be like a refreshing drink from a mountain spring somewhere. Just immerse yourself and drink in that gorious Living Water.