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We have won you the right to vote….

Uh yeah, for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Lucky me. Any news on when we might actually get real candidates?

We have protected your right to abortion

Ah yes, the right to kill your potential offspring.

Women can go into combat now and soon we’ll be included in the draft!

Yippee, I now have the right to die in battle.

You can get an education…

Yay, because who doesn’t want to borrow money they can never hope to pay back to get  a degree for a job that doesn’t even exist?

We have worked hard to advance the LGBT agenda so now you can just self identify as any gender you want!

But I just want to be a girl!

Sorry, but that’s really oppressive and cisgendered of you. You should check your  privilege and stop being such a tool of the patriarchy.


*** Based on a  real conversation…….with a man who was kind enough to mansplain both womanhood and feminism for me.