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“Teaching Men to Be Emotionally Honest” by Andrew Reiner in the NY times

Not a bad article. Ha! I’ve read far worse.

“Some cultural critics link such mounting emotional vulnerability to the erosion of male privilege and all that it entails. This perceived threat of diminishing power is exposing ugly, at times menacing fault lines in the male psyche.”

Yes, we’ve met. Those “menacing fault lines in the male psyche” are nothing to sneeze at. There’s an interesting confluence going on within the culture right now reflected in our politics, the men’s rights movement, the alt right…and Donald Trump. It ain’t so pretty.

“With so much research showing that young men suffer beneath the gravity of conventional masculinity, men’s studies is gaining validation as a field of its own, not just a subset of women’s studies.”

Hmm, well what I think we’re seeing is actually a loss of conventional masculinity. We’ve gotten so confused we can’t even define masculinity anymore. What is “conventional” these days, anything at all?

I suspect that we’re seeing problems because so few people know what masculinity is anymore, so we’re creating bizarre and unrealistic stereotypes, caricatures that just aren’t healthy. They aren’t “conventional” either. We have a whole lot of single parents and absent fathers and kids are left learning about masculinity and femininity through video games, TV, and Hollywood. Also from our leaders and our public schools….that have just declared gender to be a totally subjective thing having no “conventional fault lines.”

“It’s like we’re scared that the natural order of things will completely collapse.”

Yes, I empathize deeply. I sure hope our fears are unfounded because when I look about the world that is precisely what I see, the natural order of things collapsing all around us.