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I don’t know Dr. Robert P. Murphy, but he wrote an article called “An Essay for Single Christian Men” which apparently caught Dalrock’s attention.

Dalrock’s bloomers are in a  twist because he seems to believe that Murphy is encouraging reverence for women, an idea that flies in the face of Dalrock’s never-ending campaign to prove that women must be demeaned, debased, treated like sexual objects, and encouraged to actually fear their husbands. None of this love, honor, and obey stuff, but outright fear of husbands, which Dalrock actually compares to the kind of fear one might have of God Himself. Dalrock’s post is sarcastically called, “Is fear of women the beginning of wisdom?”

I want to thank Dr Robert Murphy for plainly speaking the truth. He says among other things:

“I’m directing this essay at you, a Christian, I can tell you frankly that these techniques and advice are literally FROM THE DEVIL. Yes, it is true that if you can actually train yourself to look at women (except your mom and sisters, of course) as less than human, so that you are no longer afraid of their opinion of you, then your long career of striking out will be over. You will go from being terrified of beautiful women to knowing how to spot the ones that are incredibly insecure, who spend hours getting ready because they think they need to in order to deserve attention from men….But to repeat, this is all FROM THE DEVIL. If you go down that path, you will have lost your sympathy for half of humanity. You will be halfway to becoming the devil’s full servant…”

“From the devil,” yes I’ve been saying that precise thing for sometime now, just far more politely. It is actually not the sexual immorality that concerns me the most, but how the words of our Lord Jesus Christ are being misused, mis-taught, causing men to believe that women must be hated, and yes, feared. That’s what the endless quest for total control over women is really all about, exploiting men’s fear.

It’s evil, it’s unhealthy, it’s not biblical, and the fruit of these teachings are rotten. Never mind the sexual immorality, you are attempting to put the Lord’s stamp of approval on things that are so clearly sinful, so wrapped in hatred and bitterness, so destructive to not only marriage, but to our faith itself, and that all makes me a bit ill.

So thank you Dr Robert Murphy, for stating the truth so plainly.

“If you go down that path, you will have lost your sympathy for half of humanity.”

Been there, done that. Don’t. It rots your soul.