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So Rautakyy left me a comment in another thread,  in part speaking of dictators and the alleged evils of Christendom which he concluded with, “Why did this god not set them right? Is this a sadist god, impotent god, or is it just simply more likely this god does not even exist? Please, answer me this.”

I fully planned to write an earnest and genuine treatise on freewill, suffering, and how evil actually proves the existence of God, but before I could get at it, Rautakyy annoyed me by saying in another thread, “No, submission does not require any strength, nor courage at all. It is quite typical, that physically, emotionally, or in character weaker people submit all the time in the face of strength, be that imaginary, real, or mere presentation of strength.”

Okay Rautakyy, than I double dare you right now. If submission is so easy, if it requires no courage or strength, than surrender all to Jesus Christ. Ask Him to forgive you for your sins and to come into your heart. Put your very life in his hands and trust Him completely. Do it, it will be the best thing you’ve ever done.

My treatise is all but forgotten because I am reminded once again that people can only see what they chose to see. Rautakyy apparently perceives me as cowardly, emotionally weak, typical, and prone to surrender to anyone and anything I perceive as stronger. A submissive doormat, a pushover. Actually, that’s somewhat funny! I write about submission to Jesus Christ, about our relationship, and also about submission in marriage due to the very fact that given my character, any form of submission within me  at all, is a Divine miracle. I don’t surrender in the face of strength, not one little bit. I am absolutely fearless. Also dumber than a box of rocks, but that’s a whole other story.

Submission actually required more strength and courage than I even thought possible. Sometimes it still does.

You’ve pegged me all wrong Rautakyy, so there’s a good chance that your perceptions of God are all wrong, too. I mean, I’m just a human woman and a rather transparent one at that, and you’ve gone and misjudged me. What makes you think you’re now worthy to judge God? Impotent and sadistical? Heck, you think I’m weak! No offense buddy, but I think you’ve just called your own perceptions of reality into question.

I’ll keep it simple. We aren’t even qualified to define “evil.” By what measurement? What standard of comparison are we using here? Outside the context of God, “evil” is simply anything that does not benefit me immediately, while “good” is anything that does. There is no “good and evil” outside the context of God, there is only my will to power versus the will of others, and might makes right.

To call something evil is to pass a moral judgment. To pass a moral judgment is to acknowledge there is a universal law. A universal law cannot exist without a Universal Lawmaker.

The truth is that evil is actually meassured by how far it strays from what is Holy and Pure, what some call Truth and Beauty, God Himself. Evil can only be defined as the things to be found far from Him. If you recognize that evil exists, than you must recognize that  God exists, too. Otherwise, the definition of your “good” is nothing more than emotionalism and sentimentality to the things we desire.

If God does not exist, than an objective standard to meassure moralty does not exist, therefore evil does not exist either. Since evil now no longer exists, you no longer have a foundational basis in which to declare certain events “sadistic and evil.” In the absence of God, what human beings do to one another is of no more importance than chimps ripping one another apart in the forest or anteaters sucking the inhabitants out of a mound.

If submissison were so easy, so typical Rautakyy, you would have done it by now. The fact is, it isn’t so easy at all becasue our own pride and arrogance often blind us to the truth.