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It absolutely astounds me that there are people walking this planet calling themselves atheists that do not even understand the term or the history behind it. To make matters worse, people are also foolish enough to try and claim that atheism is based on reason and free of dogma. Take heart people, every time I hear this, I whack my head on my desk and you win the argument by default.

Modern definitions of atheism didn’t even exist until the late 18th century. Prior to that, such as in ancient Rome and Greece, “theism” was a belief in the divine right of the state. Christians were considered atheists and frequently executed because of it. “Atheos” meant refusing to acknowledge the gods recognized by the state. Christians were some of the first “atheists.”

It wasn’t until 16th century France that we started to see Deists, people who would actually be called true believers these days, resisting the authority of the church. Again, many people were executed, not because they didn’t believe in God, but because they spoke out about politics and the power structure. Nearly all of these famous “atheists” believed in God, they just happened to speak out against the church as a political institution.

Which bring us to the Age of Enlightenment and the Festivals of Reason, the French Revolution, the guillotine. The Reign of Terror. Good times! Churches burned, people executed, and the Goddess of Reason was actually put on a throne.

For our next adventure in “dogma free reason,” we go crashing into Marxism, communism, fascism, and a whole slew of dictators who decided that the absence of religion was necessary in order for them to create their assorted utopias. Both Hitler and Stalin may have employed the language of Providence to rally their populations, but these were not Christian men. Russia had the government sponsored League of Militant Atheists burning churches and executing priests. Hitler repeatedly said that Nazism was a secular ideology founded on science. Pol Pot, Mao, both well declared atheists. Mussolini was perhaps a bit more strategic in his approach, but he made violent pronouncements against the church and called for the secularization of all church property.

Listen people, atheists worship the state! Atheists become the state. Over and over again, all through history, we see atheist dogma and lack of reason. We see the slaughter of innocents. We see fascism and oppression. We see tyranny, not freedom. Atheism, by it’s very nature, exists in direct opposition to religion. It is nearly a mirror reflection of extreme religious fundamentalism. It is the same side of the same coin.

Atheism is not radical, it is not new, and it is not freedom. It is simply replacing one nasty dogma with another and never addressing the real problem. The real problem is governments that access too much power and deny people the freedom to worship or not worship God as they see fit. Atheists, as a political/evangelical movement, cannot create freedom, because they must fuel themselves with delusions of persecution. In America, in 2014, we still believe in separation of church and state, in religious freedom. Ironically those are today’s Christian values. If atheists ever get the reins they will have no such compunction about keeping atheism separate from state power. They never have, because atheism is always mistakenly viewed as the epitome of freedom and reason.

Attempting to rid the world of God is not the path to utopia.

****REPOST FROM 2014