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America is a grand experiment, a country that has defied the odds and accomplished something that has never been done on this planet before. Our forefathers put their faith in things unseen and believed that unity could be built around a shared set of ideals, not ideals suggested as a destination, but as a never ending goal to be strived for.

We live in a country that has created more economic and political freedom than any other in the history of mankind. No other place on Earth provides people with so much opportunity that even our poor are envied. People risk their lives to sneak across our borders, desperate for even a taste of American poverty. That’s how good it is in this country, our poor, our oppressed, our down trodden, live like princes compared to much of the world.

We are envied for our freedom, prosperity, and economic opportunity. Not only do we live in a country blessed with economic and political freedom, we live in a country
that has achieved more racial harmony and civilian peace among a diverse population than any other country before us. Some may choke on those words so I’ll say them again, we live in a country that has achieved more racial harmony and civilian peace among a diverse population than any other  country before us. In the entire history of humankind! We have defied human nature, failed to learn the lessons of history, and achieved the impossible. Achieved it, as in it is a done deal.

I am not blind to the sins of America, to the times we have fallen short of our own ideals, but neither am I blind to the blessings America offers, not just to our own, but to those around the world. It’s become quite fashionable to bash America these days, so fashionable, sometimes I think we’ve become addicted to our own self loathing. Both the political Right and Left like to wallow in this cesspool, bemoaning the woes of America. The Left loves to roll around in the mud, lecturing everyone about slavery,inequality, class envy. The Right loves to declare how God no longer blesses America, as if we have become such horrendous sinners, not even our Divine Creator could love us anymore.

To all these pampered princes of pretentiousness, go eat worms and wallow in your self loathing someplace else.

This is my country, a country built by people who believed in something higher than themselves, people willing to die for a dream. People of faith and hope and vision who often gave their very lives, not for politicians, not for recognition, but because they believed in something unseen and seemingly impossible, liberty and freedom for all. All. E pluribus Unum.

America is not her politics, her politicians, her heads of state. She is not her crime rates, her bits of legislation, or her petty squabbles. America is the spirit of the people who live here, those who came before us and those yet to come. We are our immigrants, our entitled and ungrateful youth, our collapsing families, and our myriad of social experiments. Each of these things brings it’s own set of new challenges, but they are
challenges we will rise to gracefully and face.

God has His hand on America, he always has.

grace on thee