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Spending time with God, building a relationship, investing time in prayer, reading the bible, these are all vitally important if you wish to get to know the nature of God and to draw closer to Him. A relationship with Jesus Christ is like any other relationship, it requires an investment. Okay, actually it’s a relationship like no other, but the point is, you must invest your heart in it.

I read a blog that insisted everyone must get up at 4 Am and pray. That cracked me up. There are some people in my house who should probably not get up before 10 AM and if I don’t want to see them first thing in the morning, God probably doesn’t want to either.

Hubby and I do get up early. I pray before my feet hit the floor, but only simple prayers of gratitude, Good morning Father, Good morning Jesus Christ, Good morning Holy Spirit. Thanks for life, thanks for salvation, thanks for giving me another day. Than I have coffee with hubby. He is an important relationship, too. I don’t pray or read the bible until after I am awake.

We should give God our prime time, our best selves, our first fruit. That looks different for everybody. Relationships are tailored to individuals. Circumstances vary too, some people live regimented lives, other people just find a time during the day when it feels right.

Others collapse in hysterics at the foot of the King whenever desperation and panic sporadically set in, but we won’t speak of  me  them.

Than there was this other blogger who declared, I always spend two hours with the Lord. I didn’t want to be impolite, so I resisted the urge to just  quip, “Really? Because I spend all 24 hours with the Lord.” I mean, not to put too fine of a point on it, but I can only make it about 3 minutes without air.

Time is actually not linear and God exists outside of time, so time is not really the issue. Sometimes we need time to still our minds, to focus, to process what we want to say, and to listen. Be still and know that I Am is an important part of prayer, too. But it is not the length of our prayers that are so important, it is the quality of what we are doing. Sometimes I am scattered and I need a whole hour with God. Sometimes I can just sing out like the prophets of old. I tend to pray for shorter periods of time, but frequently through out the day.

Prayer is really just talking to God, perhaps even meditating on His word, sometimes simply being still and waiting on Him. It can also get really amazing, rather complex, and very profound, but the basic essence of prayer is just that, a conversation, talking to God.

Relationships are kind of an individual thing and God  knows each one of us so well, so the point is simply to take time everyday to invest in that relationship. It is not really about what time of the day or for how long, it is about developing an enjoyable habit and giving Him your undivided attention, your prime time.

Prayer should be enjoyable, desirable, pleasant, well most of the time anyway. If someone had told me that I had to get up at 4 am and do it for 2 straight hours like an exercise regiment, I don’t think I’d have a prayer life at all.

Enthusiam, rejoicing, intimacy with the Lover of your soul, all things that make prayer a blessing for the most part, not  an obligation or a chore.