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I really am such a child…..but I have an awesome Father, so it’s all good. Sometimes I imagine God Himself rolling His eyes at me or perhaps having a Divine face palm moment, as if to say, this one is especially thick-headed sometimes. It isn’t true however, I suspect we actually amuse and delight God, not unlike children often delight and amuse earthly fathers.

So not long ago in prayer, I actually announced to God that the world was broken, that I know what ails us and how to fix it! You see, we have this sin problem, mostly related to pride. Not just our own sin, but the collective sin of all these other people….

I can just imagine God lifting one eyebrow, You don’t say?

No seriously Lord, sin is a real thing in the world! I’m not even joking here. The way to fix it is to just get everyone to stop sinning. That way it will be just like it was in the beginning, we’ll be in paradise, in a  perfect garden, walking hand in hand with God in the cool of the evening….

So perhaps God asked, so how do you propose to do this?

With a Savior, with sacrificial love, with a Perfect Teacher who can show us the power of forgiveness and redemption, who can light the path before us and teach us to how to truly be free. Free of so many things, the bondage of fear and shame, the burdens of envy and hatred…..

At this point I am quite sure God is saying, hmmm, now  I wonder why I didn’t think of that??!  But of course He already did, He thought of that precise thing long ago and so He sent His only begotten Son down here to set us all straight, and to become that perfect sacrifice for us all, for a world plagued by sin.

Jesus Christ had victory on the cross, it is finished, it is a done deal. He ransomed us, and while grace came with a great price, that debt has been paid in full on our behalf. Love really does conquer all.

So all we have to do to fix a broken world (or perhaps even just to tidy the place up a bit,) is to avail ourselves of Him, of His redemption and sacrifice, and to let go of sin.

Mehhhhhh, now I shall do my best Lucille Ball impression, embracing all of Lucy’s despair, because of course nothing is ever that simple. The Cure is available, but many people are reluctant to avail themselves, to partake in good medicine. Trust issues, I suspect.

You may laugh at my childish enthusiasm, the way I would attempt to explain the very nature of the problem to God Himself, as if He does not already know. I do not think I am alone however, because there sure does seem to be a whole lot of other Christians also prescribing the cure for what ails us, as if it can be found in politics, in elections, in waging a culture war, or perhaps in a list of tasks, like 1. promote marriage, or 2. reinstitute personal responsibility. Always forgotten on those lists however is the King of Kings, the One we serve, the very reason we care about these things in the first place.

And I know in my heart of hearts that it cannot be done this way, that what we seek for ourselves and for others can only be found at the foot of the cross, that all attempts to design a more perfect world must begin there. I see evidence of this over and over again, the harder we try the faster we will fail, because it is Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven, not our will, not our Kingdom, but His, His kingdom reflected here on Earth.

So if you are like me,  always trying to fix things and hopefully amusing and entertaining God in the process, keep that in mind. The world is broken, but the war was already won, His victory has been assured, and any system, design, prescription for what ails us, must start right there.

It truly is nothing more than vanity, foolishness really, to attempt to create a kingdom that does not include the King.