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I suppose I shouldn’t pick on Donal Graeme, but the awareness that there can be Christians in the world who have so confused dominance with destruction, masculinity with toxic pride, really annoys me. I am well aware that we are all human and deeply flawed, but shoot, in Jesus Christ we are simply called to locate our higher selves, with two hands and a flashlight if necessary.

So, there are many Christian bloggers quite down on marriage and I think this is harmful, I think this is wrong, I think it actually disrespects all the men and women who have given themselves to marriage, who are actually happy. I think it also disregards the powerful imagery in the bible in which Christ Himself and His relationship with the church are shown to be like a marriage.

So Donal says, “Young women these days are, for the most part, awful.” He also says, “unbearable, unmentionable, damaged goods, having low value.”

Yes, precisely! And guess what? So are you. If young women weren’t all those things, why in the world would we even be interested in human men? Talk about being  enslaved by one’s own unbearable pride! Should a perfect woman ever arrive on the planet, what makes you think you’d even be worthy of her?

He continues with, ” Don’t let people use words like charity or forgiveness to try and trip you up.”  R-i-g-h-t. It absolutely infuriates me when people who claim to follow Christ try to wipe out the entire message of the cross in one fell swoop. We can’t have any of these inconvenient ideas floating around, ideas like forgiveness, grace, mercy, submission. (Well submission is good, but only for girls, girls who must surrender all to the awesomeness of so-called perfect men.)

I think not. In fact, I am now 50, dirt poor, having little SMV, rating probably a 2 on your fancy schmacy scales, and yet if I were single I sure wouldn’t marry any of you. Not even if you paid me. Donal says of the church and of women in general, they merely see you as a janitor whose job is to clean up the trash. No, not at all, I don’t even think I’d hire you as a janitor. Janitors are far more worthy.

Anyone who perceives their fellow human beings as trash is doomed to live a life of moral superiority, alone, comforted only by their own pride and indignation. Those are tragic consolation prizes indeed.